LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Re-elect Kevin Scarpati


Election Day is just a few weeks away. It is our responsibility as citizens to know who the candidates are, and vote for our leaders. Mayor Kevin Scarpati has been a leader of this city for the past 4 years and he knows what it takes be a good Mayor. It takes dedication, motivation, cooperation, knowledge, and commitment, and Kevin has all these things. But most importantly, Kevin has integrity. On November 5th, cast your ballet for Kevin Scarpati. 

Sal Scarpati, Meriden

An ideal BOE candidate


As Bread for Life board chair I have had the pleasure to get to know Missy Cipriano professionally and personally.  Missy brings passion, empathy and smarts to everything she does and demonstrates a level of caring for everyone that is rare. Bread for Life is serving more clients than ever and Missy has played a key role in all aspects of our organization. Top it off with her love of children and a bi-partisan spirit and she is an ideal candidate. With enthusiasm I lend my support to Missy for the Southington Board of Education. Sincerely,

Mike Soltys, Southington

Rivard for BOE


As the liaison between parents and the Superintendent of Schools, Bryan is very well aware and involved in our students’ needs and issues. Bryan is the system-wide head of the Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC).

As an aerospace engineer for Ct.’s largest employer, Bryan very well knows the skills needed for our students’ successful future.

Bryan’s 3rd candidacy for our BOE surely conveys his commitment to serve in this role.

Please vote to promote Bryan to the Wallingford Board of Education. He will soar in his new role!

Jay Cei, Wallingford

It’s a people thing


Meriden’s We The People Party is inclusive of everyone — voters and nonvoters alike, activist and nonactivists, Republicans, Independents and a large number of Democrats! WTP is all about the people and businesses throughout the City of Meriden, quality-of-life issues/public safety for our seniors/special needs and the legacy that we are leaving behind for generations to follow. I’m am asking that you vote Row E, Mayor Kevin Scarpatti / Councilor Bob Williams and the entire WTP slate. Why not Vote Row E? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be!

Bob Williams, South Meriden

Honest, steady service


Nothing in this years mayoral campaign gives anyone a reason not to re-elect Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson. His 38 years of honest, steady, dependable service need to be rewarded with another term. Steady growth in the grand list, low spending, and a professional management and worker staff in every town department deliver a level of services the envy of surrounding communities. Why even think about messing with such a record of success. Re-Elect Mayor Bill. His opponent can only win if you don't vote.

Edward J. Gallagher, Meriden