LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Vote for Vincent Cervoni


Every two years, citizens exercise their right to vote in elections. Make sure your vote counts. Vote for someone who is honorable, honest, reliable, trustworthy and has integrity. That is Vincent Cervoni!  The first time I met Mr. Cervoni, I was in great distress and he took care of everything and helped me to resolve a complex issue.

When you speak, Vincent Cervoni LISTENS! He examines all sides and comes up with the correct answers. Vinny cares about veterans, handicapped persons, senior citizens, labor and education!

Ask yourself who you should vote for. The correct answer it’s Councilor Vincent Cervoni!

John Anzidei, Wallingford

The responsible team


I will be voting for the six Democrats running for Town Council as they are clearly the more fiscally responsible team.  Don’t mistake Southington Democrats for the mess up in Hartford. Taxes went up nearly 31% under 8 years of Republican leadership in town. Democrats presented a 0% tax increase in 2018 and less than 1% tax increase in 2019. I also applaud the Southington Democrats for creating greater transparency, collaboration, greater AMR services at no additional costs, infrastructure improvements, open space investments and completing a review on tax incentive programs to assist veterans, seniors and our financially vulnerable residents.

Walter Grover, Marion

Qualified and tested


I had the honor to serve the residents of Wallingford for eight years on the Town Council. During that period, I learned much about the importance of planning, budgeting and bonding responsibly. I have complete confidence and trust in Mayor Dickinson’s ability to continue making Wallingford a safe, fiscally responsible and affordable place to live. Mayor Dickinson is a qualified and tested leader. On November 5, this democrat will stand with Mayor Bill Dickinson.

John Sullivan, Wallingford

Proud to vote for Bob


My family and I strongly recommend that you re-elect Bob for City Council. He is an asset to this City and cares where it is headed. His Leadership is one of moral character,  commonsense judgment and high standards. Personally,  I am proud to call him a friend, a great neighbor, and fellow veteran. Please make your vote count! Bob Williams Jr. in November

Larry McDonald, Meriden  

The new fuzzy math?


I watched the Democratic debate the other night and a few of their proposals didn't make sense to me. Their idea to fund health care, free college, and every other freebie would be financed by taxing the hell out of the major corporations. Their other proposal is to break up those major corporations. Now, who's paying for all the freebies? Maybe that’s the new fuzzy math.

Robert Krause, Southington

Del Santo for Town Council


We are proud to endorse Mike Del Santo as candidate for the Southington Town Council. A lifelong resident, Mike has displayed through his years of service, love and dedication to our town. As chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Commission and 18-year member, Mike has been instrumental in the successful growth of the Southington community — working to improve regulations, to encourage economic growth and balance the use of open space. His experience on that board prepared him well for a seat on the Council; he will bring not only experience, but dedication and vision.

Andy & Fran Meade, Southington

Time to stir the pot


Once again, a letter praising “The R-Team.” This is part of Wallingford’s problem; a single-party town government with a mayor who’s been in office for so long, he essentially does whatever he wants, without a town council to challenge him.

He has been responsible for decisions such as knocking down part of our historic cemetery wall, tearing out trees to replant the same kind of trees every few years, and the fiasco over the parking lot behind Simpson Court. 

“Mayor” was never supposed to a lifetime appointment. Wallingford’s government is a pot that needs stirring.

Joan Cohen, Wallingford

Wronski for school board


I intend to vote for Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski for the Meriden Board of Education. I have some teaching experience and can appreciate her 30 years of experience as being valuable asset on the Meriden School Board. My father recommends her to me and sometimes the old man gets it right. To quote Mark Twain, “at 16 I thought the old man a fool, at 44 I am surprised how much the old man has learned.” Meriden!  Go for the gold in this fall election and elect Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski.

Jonathan J. Stempien, Meriden 

Re-elect Denise Grandy


Our current City Clerk, Denise Grandy, has done a remarkable job of making public records more accessible and user friendly, both to the general public and to professionals like attorneys and surveyors.

Her careful evaluation resulted in a new computer system that not only saves money, but consolidates features like land records, dog and marriage licensing, birth and death certificates, trade names and burials, all into one cohesive system instead of several different ones. A highlight: Payment of fees can finally be done by debit or credit card. Let’s continue on this road of progress. Re-elect Denis Grandy.

Faith Allen, Meriden

Re-elect Breina Schain


Breina Schain, current ZBA member, is the consummate volunteer, always willing to give of her time and energy to assist projects and events town-wide: Bovanofest, Fall Festival, Cheshprocott drills, Cheshire Democratic Town Committee.  I have witnessed her attention to detail and her willingness to see projects through to completion.  Breina is running for re-election to the Cheshire Zoning Board of Appeals.  I urge you to vote for her and to consider the candidacies of the other Democrats on the ZBA and the members of the townwide Democratic team on November 5th.

Ron Gagliardi, Cheshire

Please vote for Poulos


When Chris Poulos does something, he does it very well. As the liaison for the Town Council, Chris has been instrumental in helping the Southington Historical Society grow. He has helped us improve our building, grow our space and fundraise. His involvement has been crucial to our success and I am forever thankful. Southington is more than just a town to Chris. It is his home and the community IS his family.  If you are thankful for Southington’s exceptional schools, safe community, fiscal responsibility and quality of life then please vote for Christopher Poulos on November 5th.

Stacey Dolan, Southington

Vote for the Democrats


Having had the privilege of serving on the Meriden City Council for the last 12 years, including as Majority Leader and as chairman of both the Economic Development and Finance committees, I know firsthand those personal qualities which are most important to serving our residents as a city councilor: honesty, respect for others, intelligence, willingness to work hard, ability to work with others, and community involvement. The diverse Democratic ticket clearly is the only team bringing all of these valuable assets to the table. Please vote for Scarpati, Cardona, Rohde, Blake, Tomassetti, Battista, and Jelks on November  5th! #PositivelyMeriden

Brian P. Daniels, Meriden

Please pitch in

Keep Meriden moving


November’s election is all about Meriden — no state or federal contests. Our elected officials’ hard work is driving great progress. Their work is threatened by those who don’t appreciate the value of leadership or the promise of our future. Lured by tired promises of tax bargains, they would vote out strong leaders. Meriden Democrats have led Meriden’s progress. Helping Meriden is easy! Make sure you vote and keep the Democratic team at work. Search “Voting” on www.meridenct.gov for details. Please vote to keep Meriden moving forward.

Cate Rauch, Meriden

Out with naysayers!


When people want to be in Meriden — to live, do business or visit — they bring with them the dollars that help keep taxes affordable. If people choose to avoid Meriden, residents need to pitch in more to make up for those who stay away. Democrats have Meriden moving forward with great schools, renovated downtown, wonderful parks and updated City staffing. Make sure you vote this November to keep our winning team. Vote to replace naysayers with Democrats.  Keep Meriden’s momentum going!  Vote for Democrats and overcome “NAY!”.

Dave Rauch, Meriden

Stop the spending!


Election Day is getting closer.  We need to make some hard decisions. Is anyone willing to open the city charter and give us taxpayers the right to vote as to how they spend our money and let us vote for all councilors whether they live in our area or not?  Don't be fooled by the smallest of tax decreases this year because next year, taxes will increase a lot because of the Eversource money received this year. We need to stop the spending and start thinking of us, the taxpayers. We need new people on the council to get different ideas.  Everyone screams for term limits, so lets start in our home city!!!

Ray Bednarz, Meriden

Beaudoin for finance board


On Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th please support Kevin Beaudoin, line 10 A, Board of Finance. Kevin was tenacious in putting a plan together in a bipartisan way to add lights at Recreation Park soccer fields, allowing hundreds of children to play soccer at night. In 2012 Kevin realized how little Southington made on Interest on Investments: $91,785. At his request a committee was formed to increase the interest. In 2019, Interest on Investments grew to $1,680,000, totaling $4,067,772 of new revenue from Interest on investments since 2012. These are the kind of efforts we need from our elected officials. 

John Moise, Southington

Re-elect Sonya Jelks


For four years I have had the privilege of being Sonya Jelks’ partner in representing Council Area 1. She is the leader that can get the most out of very little, is grateful for the opportunity to serve, and represents her constituents with dedication and wisdom. She makes the city stronger and more unified. Councilwoman Jelks always listens carefully to her constituents’ concerns, and then figures out solutions to problems, whether individual or community-wide. I could not ask for a better Council colleague. Please support the entire Democratic ticket on November 5th.

Miguel Castro, Meriden

The writer is a Meriden city councilor.

Vote for Zaborowski, Grandy


Meriden voters you have an opportunity to elect an excellent candidate for City Council. Dan Zaborowski is knowledgeable, sincere and cares about your taxes. He will represent us well. In addition I ask you to vote to keep Denise Grandy our City Clerk. She has done a superb job succeeding Irene Masse and continues to upgrade and improve services in her department. Absentee Ballots are available now in City Clerk's office. Not registered? Register now! Registrars office.

Anna P. Neumon, Meriden

Voting for Cathy Battista


When my husband and I moved to Meriden almost 5 years ago Cathy Battista warmly welcomed us. Cathy is ever-present at local events — always showing up, supporting, and sharing her pride for Meriden. Now that we have a daughter, Cathy’s passion for early childhood education is more important to me than ever. I was thrilled to see her support the library renovation project this summer. While I am personally looking forward to an expanded Children’s Area, this is a project all Meriden residents will benefit from. Please join me in supporting Cathy’s re-election to the City Council in Area 4.

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

Re-elect Mayor Dickinson


I want to thank Mayor Dickinson for standing up for Wallingford, most recently on the issue of phosphorous removal from wastewater. He has advocated for complete state funding for the wastewater treatment plant upgrades needed to comply with the new stricter limits set by DEEP. His efforts have been well documented in several Record-Journal articles. Mayor Dickinson stood up for Wallingford residents and ratepayers. For this reason, and many others, Mayor Dickinson has earned another term.

Karen Hlavac, Wallingford

Reynolds for Wallingford


I support Jesse Reynolds for Wallingford Town Council because I want my daughter’s future growing up here to be bright and full of opportunity. Although I do believe we live in one of the best towns in CT, it is clear improvement is needed. Anyone who knows Jesse will tell you that he is a fair and intelligent man. He is a voice of reason and he is honest. He will fight for whatever is right for this town and he will work his hardest to ensure our voices are heard. 

Elizabeth Paglinco, Wallingford

Democrats for Meriden


Dear Friends, Election day November 5th is approaching fast. I'm asking for your vote for the Democratic ticket. Scarpati, Jelks, Battista, Cardona and Rohde have shown their commitment to making Meriden a community we all want to live in. Jimenez, Tomassetti, Blake, are new to politics but all three are individuals that have lived in Meriden most of their lives. They have been committed to Meriden in their individual roles and deserve your vote. Lets not forget our Board of Ed candidates Reynolds, Amechi, Holloman, Ives and Kosienski.

Please come out and vote on November 5th!

Cathy Abercrombie, Meriden

The writer is the state representative in the 83rd District.

Integrity and compassion


Mike Rohde has had a lifetime of serving the Meriden community, and has done so with integrity and compassion. Meriden should consider itself fortunate for the opportunity to again benefit from his willingness to serve as councilor at large. He deserves our vote. Cathy Battista has likewise gone above and beyond in constituent service. Cathy spends as much time on constituent service as on big city projects because she cares about the individual. She deserves reelection in her race.

Please consider supporting the entire Democratic team for good local government.

David James, Meriden