LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Integrity and compassion


Mike Rohde has had a lifetime of serving the Meriden community, and has done so with integrity and compassion. Meriden should consider itself fortunate for the opportunity to again benefit from his willingness to serve as councilor at large. He deserves our vote. Cathy Battista has likewise gone above and beyond in constituent service. Cathy spends as much time on constituent service as on big city projects because she cares about the individual. She deserves reelection in her race. Please consider supporting the entire Democratic team for good local government.

David James, Meriden

New approach needed


As of July 1, 2019 the city's bonded debt is $154,375,000.00 [Notice no cents as this makes no sense.] No new projects such as the banquet facility or any other should be taken on till we reduce our DEBT and yes, taxpayers (motor vehicles home owners and businesses) you need to address this. This is one of the many reasons I, Dan Zaborowski, ask for your VOTE in November to reject all projects.

Our animal shelter pays rent why? They rely on donations and the rent is increasing to $300.00 a month. It's time for a NEW APPROACH directing city government.

Dan Zaborowski, Meriden



When voting this November for Town Council candidates, I urge you to consider Jaime Hine. Jaime is the ideal candidate that brings professionalism. We need members on the council that will help better the community not simply serve as the status quo police.

Jaime Hine would be a councilor that will look into issues, take thoughtful stances that improve our town, and most importantly listen to citizens.

I am honored to say that, “I will be voting for Jaime Hine for Council this November”. Please join me in supporting and vote for Jaime Hine, Wallingford Town Council candidate.

Mike Glidden, Wallingford

Wronski for school board


I intend to vote for Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski for the Meriden Board of Education. I have some teaching experience and can appreciate her 30 years of experience as being valuable asset on the Meriden School Board.

My father recommends her to me and sometimes the old man gets it right. To quote Mark Twain, “at 16 I thought the old man a fool, at 44 I am surprised how much the old man has learned.” Meriden!

Go for the gold in this fall election and elect Rebecca Lilienthal Wronski.

Jonathan J. Stempien, Meriden

Re-elect Mayor Dickinson


I want to thank Mayor Dickinson for standing up for Wallingford, most recently on the issue of phosphorous removal from wastewater. He has advocated for complete state funding for the wastewater treatment plant upgrades needed to comply with the new stricter limits set by DEEP. His efforts have been well documented in several Record-Journal articles. Mayor Dickinson stood up for Wallingford residents and ratepayers. For this reason, and many others, Mayor Dickinson has earned another term.

Karen Hlavac, Wallingford