LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Reynolds for Wallingford


I support Jesse Reynolds for Wallingford Town Council because I want my daughter’s future growing up here to be bright and full of opportunity. Although I do believe we live in one of the best towns in CT, it is clear improvement is needed. Anyone who knows Jesse will tell you that he is a fair and intelligent man. He is a voice of reason and he is honest. He will fight for whatever is right for this town and he will work his hardest to ensure our voices are heard. 

Elizabeth Paglinco, Wallingford

Michael Votto for BOE


As you review the candidates for Wallingford Board of Education I ask that you please consider casting your vote for my husband, Michael Votto. He has served on the BOE almost 20 years and his prime concern is for the children of Wallingford. A vote for Votto is a vote for experience and professionalism. Thank you for your consideration.

Ann Votto, Wallingford

Re-elect Kelly Morrissey


Kelly Morrissey is running for her second term on the Southington Town Council. She has served with honor and integrity in representing the Town of Southington. Her voting is based on what is best for our town and not for the special interests. Kelly is community focused, active member in the Southington Bread for Life, Youth Soccer program and leader of a Brownie troop. She will continue to look out for the best interests of our community. I highly recommend Kelly’s re-election to the Southington Town Council.

Mark Drechsler, Southington


I disdain the pro-Democrat verbiage about how great they are, yet overspending without care and building up this city — promising prosperity will certainly follow. That’s been heard around here for decades, yet downtown still stands virtually empty. Our one-party controlled City Council continues to borrow over our bond cap. They can “find” $1.5 million dollars for pet projects — while totally disregarding the demands of 3,800 Meriden households that voted in the budget referendum to LOWER TAXES.

Please vote for fiscal responsibility, transparency and SMARTER government! Vote for Joe Vollano and Michael Carabetta! Vote for Zaborowski, Williams, Grodzicki & Kittrell!

Lou Arata, Meriden

Vote for Richard Cordero


Our city needs change and I believe Richard Cordero can be a positive motivating force to bring community and local government together, to make this a safe thriving place to live and work. Richard is all about family and caring about what people need to help better their town and enrich lives. Richard is and always was an honest, hard-working, intelligent, goal-seeking person. Richard genuinely wants what’s best for everyone! He is willing to listen, learn and teach in order to get what needs to be done to make Meriden an Amazing Silver City. Vote Vote Vote for Richard Cordero!

Kimberly Duran/Bailey, Meriden