LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Tatta for Town Council


I have known Christina Tatta for several years and am delighted to endorse her for the Wallingford Town Councilor. She has a great deal of energy, for sure, and she is a young person, which we need on all of our municipal boards.

But what makes her stand out for me is her common sense and business background. The Town Council’s primary job is to watch how tax money is spent, and I am confident that Christina will perform that task with great expertise. 

I urge my fellow Wallingford voters to vote for her on November 5th.

Lucas R. McCoy, Wallingford

Passion and personality


Wallingford Town Council candidate Christina Tatta would make an excellent member of that body. I have read her article in the Record-Journal, have gone to her website (christinatatta.com) and listened to her speak. This is a person with genuine affection for her town, with a passion for public service, and the personality that will give people confidence that they are being intelligently represented by someone who has only their best interests at heart.

Being an elected official is not an easy job. We need to be careful who we put in those positions. Christina Tatta should be one of them.

Thomas Vitali, Wallingford

A keen understanding


Do you know Christina Tatta? She is running for the Wallingford Town Council. I have known her for several years, and I am asking you to vote for her.

I have listened to her discuss town government and I find her to be a down-to-earth person with a great background, both in private business and also in service to our community.

Our government is financially stable and run with common sense. Our Town Council has a keen understanding of what local government should and should not do. I think Christina does as well.

Please vote for her in November.

Robert Jacques Sr., Wallingford

Moving Meriden forward


Vision, Courage & Leadership are the mantra of the Democratic members of the Meriden City Council. These characteristics are evident in the redevelopment of Meriden as a thriving community.

Vision to understand fixing downtown flooding would lead to new and expanding economic development. Courage to make difficult decisions incentivizing private mixed use and mixed income developments building a sustainable future.

Leadership working cooperatively keeping projects on track, acting fiscally responsible with bipartisan budgets and bringing order, civility, and productivity back to city hall. Please vote on November 5th and support our Democratic candidates to continue moving Meriden forward.

David D. Lowell, Meriden

The writer is the City Council
majority leader.

Time for change in Meriden


The Budget Referendum results last year demanded a change to how things are done in Meriden. Vote Republican to make that change. Vote for Dan Zaborowski (At large), Joseph Vollano (Area-3) and Michael Carabetta (Area-4) for City Council. Re-elect Denise Grandy to continue doing a great job as City Clerk. The Republican team of: Rob Kosienski, Rebecca Wronski, Anthony Martorelli, Ray Ouellet and Josh Broekstra (Special election) for Board of Education.

These are the right people to take Meriden into the future our city needs and deserves.

Allan E. Pronovost, Meriden

Jimenez for City Clerk


Yvonne Jimenez is running for Meriden City Clerk to bring positive change to the community she has served her whole life.  When opening my insurance agency in Meriden I searched for someone with strong work ethic and commitment to providing outstanding customer experiences.  With her prior business experience and speaking Spanish, Yvonne can relate to all members of the community.  As in City Hall, there are few predictable days in our agency.  Yvonne works through challenges focusing on customers’ satisfaction and providing accurate information.  I am confident that she will effectively support Meriden as the newly elected City Clerk. 

Phil Newton, Cheshire

Correcting the record


Jared Liu claims the Town sold the Alfred Pierce Power Plant. WRONG.

In 2000, we stopped generating electricity with the 46-year-old turbines.

2005, Wallingford Electric Division leased the plant building to CMEEC, and became the 32.85% owner of CMEEC's 84-megawatt generator. WED and the Town each receive $168,348/year in lease payments.

2019, 1st 8 months, WED's net benefit on Pierce generator: $786,968.

2019-2020, from Wallingford Energy, LLC's 7 generators on the Pierce property, WED will receive $1,363,226 in lease payments, AND the Town will receive a $2.5 million PILOT payment.

These are the FACTS!

Robert N. Beaumont, Wallingford

The writer is chairman of the Wallingford Public Utilities Commission.