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LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Rohde’s qualifications


The newspaper’s word-limit allows presenting just some of Mike Rohde’s qualifications: former Mayor and Councilman who led efforts on flood control, high school renovations, downtown revival; current leadership roles with Community Health Center, United Way, Farmers Market, Kiwanis Club, YMCA Ys Men, MLK Scholarship Breakfast, Puerto Rican Festival, Flood Control Implementation Agency; former leadership roles with Curtis Home, Ronald McDonald House, Cove Center for Grieving Children, American Cancer Society, New Opportunities of Greater Meriden, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, Black Expo, Puerto Rican Family Day.

No one compares with Mike’s experience and competence. Vote Michael Rohde for Councilman-at-Large.

Elizabeth Cooley, Meriden

Working for all of us


Where could you find an elected official that cares for seniors, encourages and supports the youth, respects our veterans and looks out for the taxpayers; plus governs with class, dignity and integrity?

We don’t have to look far. He’s right here in Wallingford and his name is Bill Dickinson. Wallingford is blessed to have him. Let’s vote to keep him working for all of us. 

David A. Gessert, Wallingford

Jimenez for City Clerk


The Record-Journal article on the race for City Clerk confirms my choice: Yvonne Jimenez. When the current office-holder, Denise Grandy, was asked about the lack of Spanish-speaking staff in her office, according to the R-J “Grandy says she doesn’t know of any office in City Hall that has bilingual workers.” That is an outrageous, callous response. When given the opportunity to fill a vacancy in the office of the City Clerk just a few months ago, Grandy hired the Republican Town Committee treasurer instead of taking the needs of the community into consideration. Vote Yvonne Jimenez. Vote Row A.

Hilda E. Santiago, Meriden 

The writer represents the 84th District in the state House.

Financial responsibility


Mike Carabetta, Joe Vollano and Dan Zaborowski will bring much needed balance and fiscal responsibility to Meriden’s City Council. They will focus on real budget control and work to create a climate that encourages businesses to invest, build, and generate jobs in our community.

Mike Carabetta spearheaded a referendum on the excessive city budget, and the overwhelming majority of taxpayers agreed we need to control spending and lower taxes. Mike, Joe, and Dan care deeply and are committed to the betterment of Meriden. They will weigh decisions carefully, thoughtfully and responsibly when it comes to spending our tax dollars.

E. Barbour, Meriden 

Voters want change


The majority of voters in Meriden want a change. The Democratic politicians have had their place in the sun and the city cannot afford their failed policies of the past. That is why I am endorsing the following candidates for city council: Bob Williams, Joe Vollano, Mike Carabetta, Dave Grodzicki, Geetha Kittrell and Dave Zaborowski.

Before you vote, seriously consider what you’re looking for in a city councilor. The above mentioned will use a common sense approach to address Meriden’s problems. Vote to change the makeup on the city council. What have you got to lose?

Norma Shamock, Meriden 

A responsible steward


Joe Vollano is the best candidate in this year’s City Council election. Joe has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and an advocate for the taxpayers that is unmatched. The effort to change the perception of Meriden lies with candidates such as Joe Vollano with his open-minded thought process and realistic approach to spending. As Democrats continue their upward spending while saying yes to everything that comes before the Council, Joe Vollano will be the responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. Please vote Joe Vollano for City Council.

Christine Davis, Meriden

Re-elect Denise Grandy


I am writing this letter in support of our present City Clerk Denise Grandy. Denise has years of experience both as an employee in the City Clerk’s office and also as City Clerk. She has obtained every certification mandated by the state of Connecticut and is responsible for recording land records, maintaining the City Charter and the City Code, plus formulating an annual budget. Denise has run the clerk’s office efficiently and professionally. It makes no common sense to elect someone who has no experience and will have on-the-job training. Denise Grandy has earned your vote.

Todd W. Shamock, Meriden

Vote to end madness


Picture an American Flag spread on the ground and one political party standing on it waving flags from other countries. That party does not support the Constitution of the United States and has accomplished nothing in three years other than conducting hearings on endless witch hunts. Vote on Election Day to end this madness.

Tom Fitzgibbons, Meriden

For all residents


With both pride in my qualifications and humility in this request, I ask for your vote as I seek to serve you as Meriden City Clerk. Residents most often deal with city government at the front counter in the City Clerk’s office. It must provide a welcoming environment, where each person seeking assistance receives patient, personalized attention. With 25 years of business experience, I will bring a devotion to customer service and an abhorrence of bureaucracy. With bi-lingual fluency, I will end the disgrace of our City Clerk’s office inability to serve Spanish-speakers. I am deeply grateful for your support.

Yvonne Jimenez, Meriden

The big difference


Democratic councilors do the painstaking work of scrutinizing every budget line, cutting wherever possible, conscientiously searching for every tax penny that can be saved. They also know that we must make modest, prudent investments in Meriden’s future to grow our grand list.

Republican/We-the-People candidates will say anything to stoke hysteria about taxes. But they won’t tell you what they will cut to achieve their promises. Will they sacrifice our schools, roads, parks, public safety?

I appreciate that Democrats have been trustworthy, cautious stewards of our municipal finances. The Democratic candidates will continue to guide Meriden with wisdom and honesty.

Luke J. Ford, South Meriden

More than just ‘party’


Hello, My name is Parrish Holloman and I am running for the Board of Education. As a Board of Education candidate I want us all to see past just "party". Im running to be able to be the liaison between the community & the Board. I'm the youngest candidate running (22), and I believe a position on the board will be great in terms of overall diversity. If elected, I would focus on programs that could enhance our children’s lives outside the classroom, advocate for more diversity in our schools, and support more meaningful parental engagement in collaboration with the schools. 

Parrish Holloman, Meriden

Voting for Democrats


On November 5, I will head to the polls to vote for Democratic candidates. National Republicans in the current regime are the party not of all US residents, but of rich white men. I would never vote for candidates who support Trump.

In contrast, Meriden’s Democratic candidates — Sonya Jelks, Cathy Battista, Mike Cardona, and Mike Rohde — have the experience and commitment to work with Mayor Scarpati to support everyone in our city. Schoolteacher Mike Reynolds brings energy and insight to the school board. New Democratic nominees are also well-chosen; I will vote for them all. Support Democrats!

Lois Lake Church, Meriden

Vote Tomassetti, Blake


I’m supporting Democrats Nicole Tomassetti and Krystle Blake for Meriden City Council.  Nicole is part of the family who owned Tomassetti Distributors, the local beverage distribution company which was one of Meriden’s most prominent businesses.  Nicole also graduated from UConn with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public policy.  Krystle Blake is president of the Meriden Boys and Girls Club Alumni Association, president of Meriden’s Project Graduation, and founder/chairwoman of the Meriden Healthy Youth Coalition.  We couldn’t ask for more!  Vote Tomassetti and Blake for Meriden City Council on November 5th!

Beky Henderson-Hanna

Stay the course


There is such a friendly, small-town feel to Wallingford. Go anywhere in town and you are likely to get a wave and a pleasant “Hello” from private citizens and public employees alike.

Wallingford is so welcoming: we have houses of worship representing many diverse faiths.  We have attracted national companies and multinational companies that are based in Germany, France and Canada.  We have eating establishments representing a multitude of cultures:  Puerto Rican/Caribbean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Italian and, of course, American.

I believe that this says much about Wallingford’s current administration and Mayor Dickinson.

Bob Parisi, Wallingford

Supporting Dickinson


One of the things I love about Wallingford is the prompt, professional and friendly response of town employees.  We have the best police, fire and EMT responders.  How great it is that we have our own ambulance service.  When the power goes out, our Electric Division employees get it back on quickly.  Our Water/Sewer crews are equally effective and responsive.  Call Public Works about a pothole, and it’s filled within hours.  

That kind of service and work ethic starts with our elected chief executive.  This is only one reason why I support Mayor Dickinson and the Republican ticket.

Joan Ives-Parisi, Wallingford

Time for decisions


It’s time for Meriden taxpayers to assess just how the Democrat controlled City Council represents them. In my opinion, if you like wasteful spending and tax increases, you’re doing just fine. However, if that’s not what you expect, join me in voting for Republican City Council candidates Dan Zaborowski, Mike Carabetta, and Joe Vollano. Re-elect City Clerk Denise Grandy. For BOE, vote for Rob Kosienski, Rebecca Wronski, Ray Ouellet, Tony Martorelli and Josh Broekstra. The Republican-led referendum was call for change. The Council ignored it. Your Republican vote will send another clear message for change. 

Guy Beeman, Meriden

Supports airport


Cathy Batista has been fantastic as the Meriden Airport Festival coordinator. She spent countless hours bringing in sponsors, scheduling vendors, and coordinating the entire project. She is responsible for making the festival a success and airport an asset to the community. Thank you.

Mark Scott, Meriden

The writer is president of Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 27, based at Meriden Airport.

Re-elect John Barry


The prerequisite of a great politician is one that will ask questions and get to the truth on all issues. That is why I enjoyed working with John Barry and that is why I am endorsing him for re-election. He works for all residents in Southington and tackles difficult issues that face taxpayers today.

Look at Southington today: Under the direction of Chris Palmeri and Democrats … NO NEW TAXES THIS YEAR! And guess what! No cut in services and a school system that we are proud of. Thank you to the Democrats that serve Southington so well.

Tony D’Angelo, Southington

Voting for Dickinson


When I moved to Wallingford nearly 25 years ago William Dickinson was our mayor and remains so today.  He has steadfastly led our town with principled fiscal conservatism and our town has avoided the political and financial shenanigans we too often read about in other towns and cities. Under his leadership the town has thrived. Wallingford has grown, yet the small-town feel remains, in part because Mayor Dickinson and the Town Council have invested significantly in Open Space, preserving for future generations what makes our town special.  Thank-you Mayor Dickinson and the Town Council!  I will be voting for you..

Karen S. Harris, Wallingford

Told you so


Connecticut had an opportunity to change political course, and now Gov. Ned Lamont, according to the latest Sacred Heart University poll, has a record low approval rating: 24%. But voters thoughtlessly voted him in. Along with that dismal news, Connecticut was the ONLY state in 2018 to have its poverty rate actually rise! Democrat one-party control is bankrupting the state. Don’t let the same thing happen to Meriden! 

Vote for Leaders, not followers. For sound, transparent, financially responsible stewards of YOUR MONEY, please elect for City Council: Joe Vollano, Michael Carabetta, Dan Zaborowski, Bob Williams, David Grodzicki and Geetha Kittrel.

Sean McDonald, Meriden

Positive messages


I want leaders who inspire me. I seek public officials who choose to appeal to our better natures, who bring us together in common purpose, who offer a vision of a more hopeful future. Here in Meriden, those are the positive messages that I have heard from the Democrats.

More than just hope, Democratic office-holders have shown us a new reality. The progress we are seeing across Meriden is testimony to their ability to deliver on their promises. The Democratic team has won my vote.

Dennis Johnson, Meriden

No snake oil, please


Beware snake oil salesmen! Republican/WTP politicians are trying to scam us with fantasy promises. They claim they will give us more and we will pay less. They declare that Meriden will be better, public safety will be better, schools will be better, roads and sidewalks will be better — and they will do all that while lowering taxes. They hope that voters will be gullible enough to swallow their snake oil.

The Democrats have been fiscally responsible. I am voting for the Democratic candidates because I value forthrightness and wisdom in my public officials. Please join me.

Bianca Ferguson, Meriden

Democrats for BOE


I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Education for three years.  Throughout these years the board has worked collaboratively for the betterment of the Meriden school system and our city's youth.  This year the Democrats have nominated five quality candidates, Sheri Amechi, Giana Gleeson, Parrish Holloman, Mike Reynolds and Rob Kosienski. Having worked with each of these candidates over the last several months, I can speak to their commitment and passion for education.  I urge voters to vote Democrat on November 5th. Thank you. 

Marisol Estrada, Meriden

Positive vision


Area 4 has been well-represented by Councilor Cathy Battista. She cares about all of her constituents. She also has a positive vision for Meriden’s future, unlike her opponent who makes negative statements and would rather bring Meriden to a screeching halt. His ideas are short-sighted and just highlight his inexperience. We need someone who cares about Meriden, not their own agenda. We need someone who has a vision for Meriden and is willing to see it through — for all of us. That candidate is and always has been Cathy Battista. If you care about Meriden, then vote Battista Nov. 5th.

Joy Battista, Meriden

Record of achievement


For the sake of Meriden’s future, for our children’s future, please support the Democratic team: Mayor Kevin Scarpati, Yvonne Jimenez for City Clerk, and Council candidates Cathy Battista, Krystle Blake, Mike Cardona, Sonya Jelks, Mike Rohde and Nicole Tomassetti. The minority parties complain, complain and complain; that’s all they offer. The opposition candidates propose no viable alternatives of their own. Vote for the Democrats to build on a record of real achievement and continue to move Meriden forward.

Phil Mangiaracina, Meriden

Buy one, get one


Thanks to the Record-Journal for shining a light on the We-the-People BOGO scheme (10/20/19 article, “Williams’ decision leads to scrutiny”). This little party wants to get two councilors if it can elect just one. Bob Williams is running for councilman-at-large while he is still in the middle of his four-year term representing Area 4. If he wins, his successor in Area 4 will not be elected by the voters of that district, but chosen by the 32 members of the WTP party. What a travesty of democracy! The excellent Democratic candidates, Michael Cardona and Michael Rohde, deserve our votes.

Niki Donovan, Meriden

Empty promises


There should be a disdain for the Democrat Party bragging how great they are, yet they are responsible for the decades of decline, promising prosperity every time, yet downtown still stands virtually empty. Our one-party-controlled City Council continues to increase taxes and borrow over our bond cap. They can “find” $1.5 million dollars for pet projects — while totally disregarding the demands of 6,000 Meriden citizens that voted in the budget referendum to LOWER TAXES.

Please vote for budget responsibility, transparency and smarter government! Vote for Joe Vollano and Michael Carabetta. Vote for Zaborowski, Williams, Grodzicki, Kittrell and Grandy.

Manny Santos, Meriden

The writer is a former mayor of Meriden.

Jimenez for City Clerk


Yvonne Jimenez is a strong candidate running for City Clerk. She was born and raised in Meriden by a Spanish-speaking household. This means she is able to talk to more people in our community who would in other cases be intimidated to step into the City Clerk’s office, due to the communication difficulties. She is known in our town by many people and gets involved in many activities. If you see her around our town she is approachable and has a smile. Vote Yvonne Jimenez for Meriden City Clerk on November 5th.

Israel Jimenez Jr., Meriden

Safety first for Meriden


I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a Meriden city councilor for the past four years.  Prior to that I served on the Board of Education.  I’m a Meriden native, who decided to raise my family in the same great city.  I work as a Parole Officer for the State of Connecticut and as such have a strong commitment to the well-being and safety of my community. This commitment has earned me the position of the Public Safety Committee Chair.  I’m seeking another term on the City Council and respectfully ask for your support this November 5th.

Michael Cardona, Meriden

Tatta for Wallingford


I urge Wallingford voters to elect Christina Tatta to the Town Council on November 5th.  I have known this bright young woman for several years and very much appreciate the hard work that she has put in already to make Wallingford a better place to live.

Her time on the Zoning Board of Appeals has given her some solid experience in municipal governance. So has her serving as the vice chair of the Charter Revision Commission. I can’t think of anyone better prepared to serve on the Town Council.

Candy (Karen) Grana, Wallingford

Wallingford needs change


Wallingford has been fortunate over many years to have many assets. Our Electric Division for 100 years has given the community an advantage not shared by other communities. A Community Pool that brought neighbors together and provided a healthy activity for generations of residents.

Sadly, we face an uncertain energy future, a pool run down and neglected. Our schools underperforming and dated. A water treatment plant a decade due for upgrades. Rising taxes and a shrinking grand list. Wallingford no longer has the luxury of complacency.

Vote for Jared Liu for Mayor and the entire Democratic slate November 5.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford

Elect Yvonne Jimenez


Republicans always say that we must bring the discipline and efficiency of the private sector to government. That’s why Republicans — along with all other voters — should vote for Yvonne Jimenez for City Clerk. Yvonne Jimenez has 25 years of real-world business experience. She knows first-hand the importance of customer service, not simply as a hopeful intention, but as a daily, essential requirement for any successful operation. She understands accountability and the obligation to meet job performance standards, for herself and those she supervises. Private sector norms will drive reforms at the City Clerk’s office when we elect Yvonne Jimenez.

Ivette Vasquez, Meriden

Battista for Meriden


Meriden City Councilor Cathy Battista works hard for Area 4 and her results have been outstanding. She knows Meriden well, raised her family here, put her children through the Meriden school system and even works in this town. She loves Meriden, and thanks to her and the Democratic Councilors, we’ve seen Meriden grow in such positive ways. I value how she does her homework on everything that comes before the Council. Her thoroughness with projects that could benefit Meriden shows how responsible she is. We have been extremely lucky to have her in office to represent us. Vote Battista on November 5th.

Susan Lewis, Meriden

Caldwell for fire board


On November 5, Democrats in North Haven have a chance to choose a new member of North Haven’s Board of Fire Commissioners.  I support Jennie Caldwell, the endorsed candidate, and I encourage every Democrat in North Haven to vote for her.

Over the past few decades, Jennie has demonstrated her commitment to our town.  Serving on our Board of Education for 6 years, she fought to involve the whole community in decision-making on important issues. 

I know that she will listen to residents, career and volunteer firefighters, and fellow Fire Commissioners to cast informed votes in the best interests of the town.  

Steve Fontana, North Haven

Forward thinker needed


I love Wallingford's small town flavor and ethnic diversity, plus the farms and woodlands on the edges. To remain a healthy place to live and work, Wallingford must plan for our future and take advantage of our location on the rail line. Jared Liu is a forward thinker who will help Wallingford plan for sustainable growth to give our town a bright future.

His allies worth supporting include Council candidates Jamie Hine, Jeff Kohan, Gina Morgenstein, Jesse Reynolds, Vin Testa, Jason Zandri, and Board of Ed candidates Kathy Castelli, Bruce Conroy, Patty Pursell, Pat Reynolds, Brian Rivard, and Mike Votto.

Mary Mushinsky, Wallingford

The writer represents the 85th District in the Connecticut House.

Battista for Meriden


I’m writing this letter in strong support of Cathy Battista. If you know anything at all about her, you know about her love for Meriden and her willingness to do anything in her power to see the city thrive. She is always in attendance at public events to lend a hand. She deeply cares about issues and is there to listen and do what she can to help. Her record has proven that she is more than qualified! Vote Battista, Row A. 

Sarah Morassini, Meriden

Vote for Battista


Cathy Battista is exactly what we need on our city council. Her passion for our community shows through the hard work she puts in every day. Meriden is visibly improving and it is because of people like Cathy Battista working tirelessly to ensure our great community stands tall. She takes the time to listen to her constituents and helps them in any way she can. She truly cares about the residents, especially the seniors and veterans, and goes out of her way to help them. We need more people like Cathy Battista on our city council to keep Meriden moving forward.

Thomas Morassini, Meriden

Voting for Jaime Hine

As an incumbent running for re-election I have great respect for my fellow Councilors. The time and commitment given is admirable. Jaime Hine serves on Planning and Zoning (appointed to seat I had occupied) and is running for Town Council. His addition to the Town Council would be beneficial to all of Wallingford. His ability to question saved Wallingford hundreds of thousands of dollars by extending parking on town-owned land instead of buying unneeded land (current mayor’s plan). His subsequent service shows his integrity, knowledge and commitment. On November 5 join me in voting for Jaime Hine.

Gina Morgenstein, Wallingford

A proven candidate

Cathy Battista has proven by her service these past 2 terms that she deserves to remain in the position of City Councilor. She is always willing to take time to listen to her constituents and does what she can to resolve the situation. Her concern for the improved quality of life in Meriden is above reproach and she takes her job very seriously as a public servant. She has a heart for providing the proper care and concerns for all Meriden residents.

Vote Row A, Cathy Battista.

Dave Morassini, Meriden

Keep Meriden moving


Meriden is experiencing a renaissance. Events in our parks and downtown attract local residents and out-of-town visitors with music, art, vendors and excitement!  New development brings investment, jobs and opportunity. City leaders have demonstrated the foresight and competence to chart this new course.  All Meriden voters will have a choice to keep Meriden moving ahead by voting for the Democratic ticket: Mayor Kevin Scarpati, Council candidates Cathy Battista, Krystle Blake, Mike Cardona, Sonya Jelks, Mike Rohde and Nicole Tomassetti, and Yvonne Jimenez for City Clerk.

Kristina Kosnoff, Meriden

Keep Wallingford great


Because Bill Dickinson makes a thorough, in-depth analysis of issues, he makes sound and well-reasoned decisions that have led Wallingford to the stable financial position we enjoy today.  We have the lowest real estate taxes among our surrounding towns as well as the lowest electric rates in the state, a AA bond rating and a town that remains viable in these tough economic times.  On Election day, I would urge you to vote for Bill Dickinson and the Republican Team. Let’s keep Wallingford great! 

Cate Beaumont, Wallingford

Support Meriden progress


Councilman Bob Williams is in the middle of his 4-year term representing Area 4 and he is currently a candidate for councilman-at-large. If he loses, he is still on council. If he wins, he is still on council. But if he wins, his party — the We the People Party with its few members — will then get to pick someone to take his Area 4 seat, with no election for that person.

Instead, vote for candidates who show up and have been supporting the progress we've been seeing in Meriden: Michael Cardona and Michael Rohde.

Gina Manning, Meriden

For Meriden’s future


As a former Meriden resident, I love to return frequently, visit family, and behold all the progress being made. New businesses are taking root on the East Side, West Side and downtown. The award-winning Meriden Green is a crown jewel for the city center. The concerts, festivals, street art and other activities delight residents and visitors.

I am so impressed with the Democratic officials who made the necessary investments for Meriden to grow into the vibrant, diverse community that I adore. I encourage local voters to support the Democratic candidates who have proven their commitment to Meriden’s future.

Sarah Gallagher, Hamden

For Wallingford’s future


I moved to Wallingford in 1998 and for 21 years our town has had the same mayor and not much progress. I am supporting Jared Liu and the Democratic candidates for Town Council because they have viable plans to lead Wallingford into the future. Their plans take advantage of new transit options and updated infrastructure to bring more people and opportunity our community. The saying goes "adapt or die": I encourage everyone to vote the Democratic line (Zandri, Testa, Kohan, Reynolds, Morgenstein & Hine) because the best of Wallingford is in the future and they will help us adapt and thrive.

Ben Martin, Wallingford

Blake for City Council


I have been professionally acquainted with Krystle Blake for five years, and have rarely encountered such a dedicated community leader. Krystle’s energy, passion and intelligence shine through as she pursues the betterment of Meriden, where I work. Her organizational skills and management acumen are unparalleled. She somehow takes on multiple tasks and completes them all with acute attention to detail.

I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Blake for City Council Area 3. Her tenure will see Meriden move forward in a fiscally responsible direction that will help small businesses to find their home here, encourage corporate investment and facilitate an economic rebirth.

Milt Coon, Madison

Meriden’s old guard


Nothing says "moving Meriden forward" more than electing a charter member of the old guard that is the common denominator with Meriden's decades-long decline. That's why I am voting for M. Rohde. Additionally, his behavior following his defeat to M. Santos was undeniably "positively Meriden". A big assist here to his like-minded confederates on the council. Battista also gets my endorsement. Another of Meriden's 8 local "faves" that wield a power far beyond their limited mandate or capabilities.


L. Baillargeon, Meriden

Jimenez for City Clerk


As an active resident of Meriden for over 20 years, I strongly recommend Yvonne Jimenez as an excellent candidate for the position of City Clerk. I have personally worked with Ms. Jimenez in my role as coordinator of the Meriden Family Resource Center as well as a community coordinator for the Meriden Family Zone and Children First organizations. Yvonne demonstrated her resourcefulness and experience in making progress while communicating with kindness and patience. Above all, Yvonne is motivated by her love for Meriden and its community. There is no one I would recommend with greater enthusiasm for the City Clerk position.

Migdalia Ballester Alicea


I am writing to urge the voters in Wallingford to re-elect Mayor William Dickinson on November 5th.

I resided and worked in Wallingford for 40 years and have seen first hand what a beautiful New England Town Wallingford has become under the leadership of Mayor Dickinson. He cares about his constituents and is an honest, decent human being.

Keep Wallingford moving ahead and vote for Mayor Dickinson on November 5th.

John  A. Young, Cromwell

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