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LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Ouellet for BOE


I wanted to write in and show my support for Ray Ouellet, my dad. He is someone who has not only been serving the city of Meriden for 22 years, but has lived here his whole life. He is so proud to be from the city of Meriden. My dad’s experience as a school resource officer gives him the practical knowledge needed to tackle school security. As a parent, I know how crucial this issue is. My dad is a leader and will always get the job done. I am so proud to support him through this journey.

Cassandra Ouellet Williams, Meriden

No ‘pet projects’


It is time again to vote for the people who will act as our City Council. They must be for fiscal responsibility and transparency. They must also be willing to say NO when confronted by “pet projects” that will cause higher taxes. The ballooned price tags for these pet projects makes for more borrowing. Do we really need to be spending more than our bond cap??

Vote for Michael Carabetta — he is a trusted steward, proven to act in Meriden’s best interest! Vote for Joe Vollano — a sane voice for all of Meriden! Vote for Zaborowski, Williams, Grodzicki & Kittrell!

Cecelia C. Flagg, Meriden

Moving forward


We as a country, state and community can stagnate, go backwards or move forward. The changes Meriden has seen and experienced in the last few years is the result of long-term planning by the Democrats elected to represent us in City Hall. We have the new award-winning Green, restaurants opening, re-opening and/or expanding, expanded train service (you can take the train to JFK) and much more. If the Republicans and We the People (the combined Party of No) had their way, none of this would have happened. Let’s keep moving forward. Vote Democrat on November 5th.

Peter N. Hargett, Meriden

Vote for Battista


I have had the pleasure to intern with Cathy Battista. As a student who was curious in learning all about municipal governments, Cathy took me to every one of her City Council meetings and committee meetings, along with ceremonial events. One thing she always told me is that political parties should not come in the way of local government decisions. It’s always about helping the constituents whether she agrees or not. I’ve seen her sit with constituents after meetings and respond to emails with concern. She even took me under her wing voluntarily! Vote for Cathy Battista on November 5th!

Anthony Kane, Meriden

Honest, practical


The public has had ample opportunity in the past few weeks to analyze the aims and objectives of the various challengers in our upcoming elections. The Republican Party’s honest and practical approach, sets their candidates apart from the others.

They’ve shown great concern for the residents of Meriden and the willingness to abide by the wishes of that constituency is exemplary. I am more than confident they will do their job!

Join me in voting for Michael Carabetta, District 4. Joe Vollano, District 3. Zaborowski, At-Large. BOE Kosienski, Martorelli, Ouellet, Broekstra & Wronski! Vote for Denise Grandy, City Clerk!

Elain Cariati, Meriden

A great councilor


Cathy Battista has been a great city councilor for the city of Meriden. She has been responsive to our concerns and works tirelessly for the benefit of the city. We need more city councilors like Cathy. Vote for Battista on Election Day.

Stephen and Martha Tobin, Meriden

Vote for the Dems


Dan Brunet’s letter Oct 15, 2019 said he “begrudgingly agreed to extensive improvements to the library, hangars and banquet facilities”. What does that even mean? Did someone twist his arm? Couldn’t he vote ‘nay’ if he wanted? Not only did the Republicans and We the People vote in favor of all 3 projects with the Democrats, the budget passed unanimously! Vote Dems on November 5.

Anthony Washington,

Meriden’s promise


Meriden is competing with all other cities and towns for new businesses, residents and visitors. Will a company want to locate here, a family want to move here, or a traveler want to visit? Yes! That’s because Meriden is a place of welcoming people, authentic neighborhoods, natural beauty, and unlimited promise.

Our Democratic officials work tirelessly and intelligently to realize this promise. Meriden’s real progress and future possibilities are the envy of other towns. We must not allow conservative candidates to take the reins and bring all this to a standstill. The Democrats will lead us to a better tomorrow.

Ellen Montemurro, Meriden

A positive message


My family has been in Meriden for four generations. Our remarkable city has people who care about each other, vibrant neighborhoods filled with community spirit, good schools with dedicated teachers and eager kids, lovely parks bustling with activity, and beautiful scenery framed by the Hanging Hills. It’s a place that is attracting new homeowners and new businesses. But some politicians focus on the negative, giving Meriden a bad name. I am voting for the Democratic candidates — they offer a positive message with solid plans that build on our strengths. Let’s encourage people to stay in Meriden for generations to come!

Donna C. Stimpson,

GOP for Meriden


Just over a year ago, 6000 voters told the Council “get the budget under control”. The council responded with slightly reduced budget, only to end the fiscal year 7% overbudget. Despite being over our bond cap 2 months into the budget, the council introduced new projects involving airport hangars, library updating, and banquet halls. There were missed taxes from Eversource and later a $1.6 million surplus was discovered. Good fiscal management?

Councilor Battista announced the referendum accomplished nothing, 6,000 voters from every party disagreed. NOW is our opportunity to change direction — give careful consideration and vote for your Republican candidate.

Larry Johnson, Meriden

City getting better


I am proud to say Meriden is the only place I’ve ever called home. My home is amazing and it’s only getting better. Downtown is flourishing with new housing, new businesses and a new train station. The new Meriden Green hosts many wonderful community events including Farmers Markets, brilliant concerts, and more! Maloney and Platt High Schools have been transformed, now providing our students with the remarkable state-of-the-art facilities our learners deserve.

Democratic elected officials had the bold vision and did the hard work necessary to achieve all this; Meriden Democrats have completely earned our vote.

Francesca Fontanez,

Re-elect Jelks


Being a daughter of City Councilor Sonya Jelks, I have learned the importance of local elections. Growth or improvements can happen with good, smart leaders. One amazing elected official that we have is my mom. She works many hours talking with businesses, organizations, and other elected officials to create more opportunities for Meriden to grow. She also cares about the youth of Meriden. She supports a good education and a safe environment for all kids. She is always looking to give a helping hand for those in need.

Please re-elect Sonya Jelks; she truly cares about doing a great job for you.

Zari Jelks-Heron, Meriden

For Holloway


Ernestine Holloway is Meriden’s at-large candidate for City Council, a candidate who wants to make positive change for her town. Ernestine and I have advocated together on issues of children, families and public education. I know her heart is in helping the people of Meriden, and her current door-to-door campaign is one point of proof of her intent and perseverance. Ernestine would be an asset as a Meriden city councilor.

Ann Manusky, Easton

Kohan for Council


Jeff Kohan is a first-time candidate running for Wallingford Town Council. He has a long record of public service and is currently serving his second term on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Jeff has a strong business leadership background in information technology and has the experience to solve complex issues while collaborating with many constituents. Please support Jeff as he will be a great asset to help move Wallingford forward. Find more about Jeff on Facebook: @jeffkohantowncouncil

Tim Wall, Wallingford

These are the facts


Jared Liu supporter Jack Beecher claims that the technology infrastructure in Wallingford is non-existent. Jared Liu claims that his plans for Wallingford are well researched, but he himself told me he was unaware until very recently that the town had an IT department. He was also unaware that there are already computer networks in Town Hall, Public Utilities, and Parks & Rec, to name a few. The Town Hall and several Public Utilities buildings are connected via fiber optic cable, and we have over 150 PCs and more than a dozen servers. One phone call would have given him that information.

Chris Lucht, Wallingford

The writer is network administrator for the town
of Wallingford.

Jinks for Council


I am calling on my neighbors and residents in District 2 to vote for Jim Jinks for Town Council. Jim has become a strong advocate for making our neigh-borhood streets and commercial areas more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Be-yond getting kids and adults out into the community to appreciate our parks and trails, Jim cares deeply about making Cheshire a town where people want to live, work, and play. He is eager to support small business creation to build our tax base. He has raised awareness of the need to address our commercial property occupancy rates and preserve and improve our property values.

Judith M. Slisz, Cheshire

Re-elect Poulos


Chris has the energy and commitment to make Southington one of the most desirable places in the state to live and raise a family. While other cities and towns are struggling financially, Chris has worked collaboratively with the Council to keep taxes reasonable for residents, to advocate for quality public education, and to promote economic development that makes sense for the town.

Southington is fortunate to have Chris’ caliber of talent, leadership experience, and enthusiasm on the Town Council and should support his re-election for a second term.

Martin Albano, Southington

Re-elect Palmieri


I strongly recommend voting for Christopher Palmieri for re-election to the Town Council. As a teacher for 42 years, I value a person who understands that being a good citizen implies involvement in the community. Chris is the best example of this type of commitment. He is the embodiment of the hard-working “good citizen”. He can balance his leadership of the Town Council with his other activities. I know that the residents of Southington have noticed the many programs that have flourished under his guidance.

Election Day is fast approaching. Please cast your vote for Christopher Palmieri for Southington Town Council.

Sandra A. Van Valkenburgh, Southington

Doering for BOE


Please vote for Rajan Doering for Wallingford Board of Education. This young man represents our future and the future of the students of Wallingford. When so many young people do not want to be involved in anything, or willing to give back to the community, it is both exciting and hopeful to find someone who does. I believe that Rajan will not only bring a breath of fresh air to the Board of Education, but will always put the students of our town first. Let’s keep the level of excellence in Wallingford’s school system at the forefront this election season!

Angela Carpentino, Wallingford

Our founders’ plan


We have been given the opportunity to live in the greatest self-government system that the world has ever experienced. Our founders believed in term limits for public service … do the job and go home! We know what the Democrats have achieved in Meriden and Connecticut in the past 8 years, It’s only fair and to our benefit that we turn to the Republicans* and see what they can do for a term or two before we give it back to the Democrats* and they then pass it back to another group, and so on. *(or another political party)

Lauren Humpage, Meriden

A man of service


I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Christopher J. Palmieri as chairperson of the Southington Town Council. I have known Chris for over 20 years and have found him to be a caring, compassionate, intelligent man, willing to listen to ALL sides of an issue. His tireless involvement in the community shows that he is a man of service and integrity. The Southington School System and the citizens of this town are and will always be his number one priority.

Let’s continue Southington’s forward progress and re-elect our dedicated Town Council Chairperson, Christopher J. Palmieri.

Lynne Gagliardi, Southington

Doesn’t hold water


I’ve read Jared Liu’s website. Too much of what’s there doesn’t hold water. He puts too many issues in a false light. Too much of what he advocates is based upon misstatements or a misunderstanding of how government works. He makes too many allegations without stating the factual basis for them. Too much of what he says, therefore, is wrong, reckless, or unrealistic.

I’ve invited Mr. Liu to come on the Citizen Mike Show so he could explain. He declined.

Some say Wallingford needs change. Maybe, but voters nevertheless should go into the voting booth with eyes wide open.

Mike Brodinsky, Wallingford

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