Re-elect Poulos


Christopher Poulos is running for a second term on the Southington Town Council. He has served the town of Southington these past two years with distinction and integrity. His collaborative efforts to keep our taxes reasonable, while advocating for quality public schools, public safety, and smart economic development, has benefited all of us. He tirelessly works on many committees such as the Tax Relief Committee on which he advocated for broader eligibility and expansion of the tax relief programs offered to Southington seniors, veterans and disabled population. I highly recommend Christopher’s re-election to the Town Council.

Mark A. Drechsler, Southington

It’s irresponsible


Wallingford's negligence of critical regular upkeep may be equated to a homeowner ignoring a necessity like an old furnace. Wallingford's wastewater treatment plant is a vital component of the town's infrastructure. Kicking the improvement can down the road, claiming fiscal responsibility is irresponsible. Lawsuits against mandated upgrades that waste millions in taxpayer dollars, is again irresponsible. Typically with deferred maintenance, waiting costs more than if updating had been done in a timely manner. Judiciously planning a project instead of a last-minute rush to complete allows for good choices. This November, remember Wallingford's system is outdated and overdue for replacement.

James Quarello, Wallingford

Derogatory rhetoric


Wallingford has much to be thankful for/proud of. So why do the Democrat mayoral and council candidates feel the need to tear down our town to get votes?

They’ve criticized legal costs that saved Wallingford Electric ratepayers over $11 million in CMEEC overcharges. They’ve claimed failure to maintain the wastewater treatment plant.  It's just not true!  It continues to work reliably today. They’ve alleged foot-dragging on phosphorus removal when Mayor Dickinson tried to protect water/sewer ratepayers from higher costs for overly stringent requirements.

Don't fall for illogical, derogatory rhetoric. Vote Republican in November. You will be glad you did.

Noma Beaumont, Wallingford

A student perspective


Having graduated from Sheehan in 2018 and being a Quinnipiac student, I want to provide a student perspective if elected to the Board of Education.

My experience includes the District Leadership Team, STEM Steering Committee, and District Wellness Committee, being Sheehan’s Student Council President and liaison to the Board of Education, and being on a state-wide student council.

I want to maintain a positive relationship with teachers and parents that unites us in a vision that best uses our resources to prepare our students, starting with our youngest learners, for the future.

Contact info: 203-208-8534. doeringforboard@gmail.com … www.facebook.com/doeringforboard … ww.twitter.com/doeringforboard

Rajan Doering, Wallingford