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Letters: Readers back candidates in Meriden and Wallingford

Integrity matters


I worked with Vinny Cervoni in his capacity as Town Council chairman. He accompanied our economic development commissioners on visits to our Town’s businesses where he expressed his appreciation for their economic contributions, and was resourceful in helping them address business challenges.

He’s a forward thinking involved leader who will advance our Town in a strategic and fiscally responsible way … not a fiscally irresponsible scatter plan like that proposed by his challenger. He’s an honest and effective leader whose integrity is beyond reproach. Vinny’s experience, demeanor, and love of Wallingford make him the best person to lead us forward!

Tim Ryan, Wallingford



Riley O’Connell’s opponents state he has no experience to run a town of our size, but a mayoral candidate need not have CEO experience. The mayor doesn’t manage the budget, the town’s CFO does. The mayor doesn’t fix the sidewalks, the public works department does. And so on. The mayor leads the employees of our town so they can do the job they were hired to do.

Mr. Cervoni’s experience will hurt the town because he learned from a mayor who let Wallingford stagnate for 40 years. In November, elect Riley O’Connell for mayor and give Wallingford a bright future. 

Stephen Monroe Tomczak, Wallingford

Unmatched leadership


Christina Tatta is a small business advocate with unmatched leadership on the council. She understands their struggle and fights for a business-friendly town. She is always responsive to her constituents when they have a question or concerns. She goes above and beyond to understand the issues before rendering a decision. Please join me and vote to re-elect Christina Tatta for another term on Town Council. She is exactly what Wallingford needs!

Ronald Hansen Jr., Wallingford 

Right direction


Election day November 7th I'm asking for your vote for the following candidates: Mayor Scarpati, City clerk Cardona, City Council Cardillo, Misner, Scaramuzzo, Rohde, Jelks and Blake. Meriden is moving in the right direction.

Voting for these Democrats Meriden will continue to grow. Each of these candidates has proven that they have Meriden's best interest at heart. Please support Lopez-Riddle, Scarlett, Hernandez, and Hayes for Board of Education.

Cathy Abercrombie, Meriden 

Unwavering support


I wholeheartedly embraced Democrat Kristi Doerr's recent entry into the Town Council race following the withdrawal of another candidate. As a small business owner in Wallingford, she brings more than two decades of accounting expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of property taxes and budgets. The town would greatly benefit from her experience in a position dedicated to making judicious financial decisions that prioritize the welfare of both the community and its residents. She has my unwavering support and vote.

Andrea Hogan, Wallingford 

Positive majority 


Meriden residents enjoy updated schools, award winning green, new library, improved parks and roads — with new trails, flood control, senior center and more in progress. The biggest threat to our positive momentum is losing the leaders who are making it work. That could happen unless the positive majority gets out to vote on election day. The continuously disgruntled are motivated to overturn City Hall and disrupt our progress. Please make sure to vote for our Democratic team and make sure your friends and families vote as well.

Dave Rauch, Meriden

Shine again 


Our town employees deserve new and innovative leadership. Other towns offer health insurance with low deductibles and decent coverage. Wallingford offers an HSA program requiring a premium payment AND contribution to the HSA plan to pay expenses prior to meeting the deductible. Newer, more effective medications cost a fortune in out-of-pocket expenses. 

The current administration states we can’t afford direct deposit because of the cost, but direct deposit is built into the payroll software and is currently used by the Board of Education. We can do better. Vote for Riley O’Connell as our next mayor and let Wallingford shine again. 

Mary Ellen Crawford, Wallingford


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