The greatest treason in this nation is to do nothing

The greatest treason in this nation is to do nothing


Sunday morning the scene outside our kitchen window is a wonderland. Erased is the pall of winter in New England. The frigid temps and icy roads, bulky outerwear and three digit fuel bills.

Last night’s snowfall holds tight to the branches of the oaks and maples, clings like snowballs thrown at their trunks. White puffs adhere to the cedars like cotton waiting to be picked in a Mississippi Delta field. The night’s accumulation is measured on the bird house roofs and summer’s metal chairs covered as if covered by creamy white throws. Indentations bear witness to deer feeding by the yews and imprints of sparrows under the suet.

It is the best time across our landscape. It is a time before the snow blower throws back the covers from the driveway and it is the time before there are footprints in the walk ways and the time before the stark grey of winter is revealed.

It is the time when a birdbath pedestal morphs into an Alice in Wonderland toadstool and the evening’s snowfall clings to the strings on the wind chimes.

Best of all, the yard’s imperfections are concealed. Fall’s leaves raked into piles and neglected. Branches and twigs strewn across a forlorn lawn, its final application of fertilizer, like a bear, hibernating until spring.

Sunday’s snowfall. Arriving on tippy toes in the night leaving in its wake, a morning of tranquil beauty. It is savored for an instant in time.

That first glimpse from the kitchen window, the scene across the landscape that all is well with the world should defy the morning’s headlines.

Sadly a glimpse of nature’s unfolding wonder is but a brief respite in the reality of what is taking place in this country.

The most recent mass shooting and killing of 17 in Florida is exactly what it is, “the most recent.”

No need to list the atrocities, the actions of one individual that results in the massacre of innocent men, women and children. Each unspeakable event is burned into our minds and invariably raises the question, why have these deplorable acts become almost commonplace? And, in the United States of America.

Were we once not the most powerful nation? Which then raises the question, powerful in what way?

In a perfect world the cancer would be eradicated. But until voices can be heard and agendas by the powers that be focused on the welfare of the population, the greatest treason in this nation will be to do nothing at all.

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