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FOOTBALL: Before the lightning, a Rey of sunshine for Platt; game resumes Monday

MERIDEN — The Platt football Panthers punched the clock with authority Friday night, but they’ve got unfinished business.

The shift resumes Monday afternoon at Falcon Field.

The Panthers were leading Rocky Hill 7-0 in the second quarter of their CCC Tier 3 season opener Friday night when recurring lightning, which had already delayed the start of the game, brought a halt to proceedings.

The two teams will reconvene at Falcon on Monday at 3:45 p.m. to finish up.

Platt grabbed the lead on a 25-yard touchdown run by Joel Rey. The junior running back hit a hole on the left side and took it home.

The Panthers did turn the ball over twice, once on offense and once on special teams.

Given the way the defense was playing, though, the turnovers weren’t costly. The Panthers stifled Rocky Hill’s wildcat running game and the secondary kept a lid on the passing attempts.


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