COLLEGE BEAT: Southington’s Barmore — Miss Barmore — has NFL dreams

COLLEGE BEAT: Southington’s Barmore — Miss Barmore — has NFL dreams

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SOUTHINGTON — Alexandra “Alex” Barmore’s love for football began at age 7, watching her big brother Stephen, the future Southington High star, play Midget Football at Memorial Park.

Now, a senior at Endicott College in Beverly, Mass., her love for football has only grown, and she’s working toward making that her career. At the end of February, Barmore will attend the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum in Indianapolis.

“I grew to love the game as a little girl,” Barmore said earlier this week. “I describe myself as the little girl from ‘Remember the Titans.’ My brother played flag football and right through college at Yale. I was always there at the game and helping at the concession stand.

“That is where I developed my passion for football. I loved the game and everything around it. All of these experiences showed me exactly where I wanted to be right now.”

A Sport Managment major, Barmore was one of only 40 nationwide to be invited to the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum. Her two days in Indianapolis on Feb. 26-27 will include panel discussions, presentations and breakout sessions.

The game plan is to educate and connect qualified female candidates to positions in pro football.

“To attend and have conversations with top-level people in the NFL — there’s almost no words for it,” Barmore said. “I never thought this would be possible five years ago.”

The 2015 Southington High grad applied for the forum in early December and got her acceptance notice on Jan. 4.

“I was honored,” Barmore said. “The requirements to apply were women currently excelling in their career in football and having a passion for the game. Out of all of the people that applied, I was one of the 40 selected and it was a tremendous honor.

“Football operations is the focus of my career path,” Barmore added. “I’m interested in the behind-the-scenes things, from budgeting (to) travel planning. All the behind-the-scenes aspects of football are what I would like to be involved in.”

Barmore has more than dipped her toe into this field. She had an internship at Boston College in which she worked in football operations and game-day recruiting.

At Yale, where her brother Stephen is a graduate student, she worked in football operations. Barmore also did an internship at her alma mater, Southington High, under the direction of athletic director Greg Ferry.

Barmore is also an athlete. She was a two-year captain and three-time All-CCC tennis player at Southington High and continued to excell on the court at Endicott. Her younger sister, Sam, a freshman, is also on the Endicott women’s tennis team.

Alex Barmore finished her college tennis career with a 22-8 record in doubles and 7-1 record in singles.

While she was playing matches on the tennis court, Barmore also served as an assistant in operations for the Endicott football team for the past year.

In that role, Barmore did a little bit of everything. She organized recruiting initiatives and the team banquet, managed practice and film sessions, assisted with game-day and practice field setups and breakdowns, and coordinated game-day operations.

Barmore will graduate Endicott in May.

“Division III athletics give you an opportunity to excel in academics as well as athletics,” Barmore said. “You will sometimes hear stories about college athletes starting to hate their sports. Here at Endicott my love of tennis only grew.

“You get to continue your athletic career and focus on academics as well. I was able to work with the football team during tennis season. I was able to balance athletics and academics.”

Barmore is also earning her coaching certification and hopes to coach tennis while she works in football.

“I have a passion for the sport of tennis and, to finish off my coaching certification, I will be an assistant coach at the girls high school team in Beverly. I’m overly excited for that as well.”

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