84th District House Candidates

Hilda E. Santiago*

Party: Democratic
Age: 65
Occupation: Legislator
Education: B.S., Education
Platform: Includes but not limited to fighting COVID-19 by following science not politics. Allowing safe access to health care providers through telehealth services. Placing a cap on insulin by cutting the high cost of medication. Supporting working families by increasing the minimum wage to $15. Access to a safe vote by an absentee ballot because of COVID-19. Education funding for the city of Meriden.
Other: Appointed and elected to the Meriden City Council for eight years prior to being elected to the State Legislature in 2012. Also endorsed by the Working Families Party.
Contact info: Phone 203-600-9442. Facebook: Hildaforrep.

Richard Cordero

Party: Republican
Age: 30
Education: High school diploma, attended Middlesex Community College
Platform: Post on campaign Facebook page states, “… i am NOT your typical politic, It is our typical officials who hold public office that have brought us to the political climate we have today. I am you, i am your co worker, i am your friend, i make mistakes, most of all I’m human and can relate to all of the people in our community. I believe this is my biggest strength as a candidate. I am not going to make all these fake promises to win an election. What i will promise is when i make a decision it will be to always do right by my constituents, you the great people of Meriden.”
Other: Ran for City Council in Area 1 in 2018 as a Libertarian candidate.
Contact info:Cell: (203)317-3426 FB @RichardCorderoLP Twitter & IG @RichardnCordero Gmail RichardnCordero5@gmail.com


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